Land Of The Evening Star

Land Of The Evening StarLabel: Bleak Art Records
Produced by: David Parks
Release Date: 8 March 2012
Total Running Time: 45m:08s
Format: CD, Digital


  1. Rediscovery of the New World (Instrumental)
  2. Like Towers They Reach To The Sky
  3. Vesperia
  4. A Few Acres of Snow
  5. Hearth
  6. Northmen of the New World
  7. Árborg (Instrumental)
  8. Bjarne Herjúlfsson ca. 985CE

Aurora Borealis

Aurora BorealisLabel: Bleak Art Records
Produced by: David Parks & Griffin Kissack
Release Date: 31 July 2007
Total Running Time: 55m:20s
Format: CD, Digital
Notes:  Originally self-released in 2006; 500 copies.  First Bleak Art Records press included 'Demo 2005' as bonus tracks.

  1. Aurora Borealis
  2. Winds and Waves
  3. Thurisaz
  4. Under the Northern Fullmoon
  5. Eternal Forest
  6. Northstar
  7. Journey to Ever-Eternal Skies
  8. Two Ravens Soaring

Demo 2005

Demo 2005 Label: None
Produced by: David Parks
Release Date: 20 July 2005 · 150 copies
Total Running Time: 21m:24s
Format: CD-R

  1. Warwinds
  2. Under the Northern Fullmoon
  3. Eternal Forest
  4. Among Silent Pine