Land of the Evening Star Release Date ANNOUNCED!

I am pleased to announce that LAND OF THE EVENING STAR will release worldwide on Thursday, 8 March 2012 via Bleak Art Records.

A new website is currently being constructed with an integrated online store for pre-orders of both the album and the LAND OF THE EVENING STAR t-shirts.

Focus now turns to rehearse for the two upcoming live shows in Calgary. The line-up and I greatly anticipate rehearsing together again, as we have not played together since January 2009.

Thank you for the support!

LAND OF THE EVENING STAR: Album Art & Track-listing

It’s become the time in the new album’s production to unveil the cover artwork as well as the track listing.The LAND OF THE EVENING STAR cover artwork was once again created by Kris Verwimp.Many thanks once again to Kris for contributing his great talent to the visuals of this album!

The LAND OF THE EVENING STAR track listing is as follows:

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Upcoming Live Performance

Please note that the Torment in Fire II festival in Calgary has been cancelled, however we will still perform on the same date (6 April 2013) at the same venue as headliners.  See the Live section for more details!

Live News

DARK FOREST will play on day 3 of TORMENT IN FIRE METALFEST II in Calgary, 6 April 2013.  We look forward to playing on stage again for the first time in ten months as well as to welcome guitar player Pat Kiselička!  See live section for more detail.