LAND OF THE EVENING STAR: Album Art & Track-listing

It’s become the time in the new album’s production to unveil the cover artwork as well as the track listing.The LAND OF THE EVENING STAR cover artwork was once again created by Kris Verwimp.Many thanks once again to Kris for contributing his great talent to the visuals of this album!

The LAND OF THE EVENING STAR track listing is as follows:

1. Rediscovery of the New World (Instrumental)
2. Like Towers They Reach To The Sky
3. Vesperia
4. A Few Acres of Snow
5. Hearth
6. Northmen of the New World
7. Árborg (Instrumental)
8. Bjarne Herjúlfsson ca. 985CE

The total running time is approximately 45 minutes.

The promised audio sample will be available soon. There was a delay in recording the vocals, but now everything will be on track again. Thank you for the patience!