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Past Performances

5 Dec 2014 w/ Viathyn, Scythia Calgary, CAN
8 Nov 2014 w/ Alda, Harrow, Hive Victoria, CAN
19 Jul 2014 Armstrong Metalfest Armstrong, CAN
14 Jun 2014 Farmageddon Metalfest Ryley, CAN
7 Jun 2014 Calgary Metalfest III Calgary, CAN
6 Apr 2013 w/ Gatekeeper, Wilt, This is War, Vile Insignia Calgary, CAN
15 Jun 2012 w/ Samandriel, Sonorous Odium, Armifera Edmonton, CAN
9 Jun 2012 Calgary Metalfest Calgary, CAN
24 Mar 2012 LAND OF THE EVENING STAR AA Release w/ Exit Strategy + others Calgary, CAN
10 Mar 2012 LAND OF THE EVENING STAR 18+ Release w/ Viathyn, Moradin Calgary, CAN
10 Jan 2009 w/ Verbal Deception, The Lucifer Project, Eldgammel Edmonton, CAN
4 Oct 2008 Noctis Valkyries II (w/ Korpiklaani, Ahab, Woods of Ypres, and more) Calgary, CAN
8 Mar 2008 w/ Operation Winter Mist, Norrath Calgary, CAN
1 Feb 2008 w/ Verbal Deception, Maliced Plagued, Gabow Prince George, CAN
13 Nov 2007 w/ Enslaved, The Faceless, Arsis, The Agonist Toronto, CAN
10 Nov 2007 w/ Ensiferum, Obscuris Romancia, O'Faolain Toronto, CAN
22 Sept 2007 Noctis Valkyries (w/ Melechesh, Inquisition, Wolves In The Throne Room, and more) Calgary, CAN
8 Jun 2007 w/ Caveat, Verbal Deception, Norrath, Lithica, Abbatoir, Wargod Calgary, CAN
25 Apr 2007 w/ Killing Fields, Verbal Deception Calgary, CAN
10 Feb 2007 w/ Verbal Deception, Begrime Exemious, Insidious Omen Edmonton, CAN
20 Jan 2007 Heathen Crusade II (w/ Bal-Sagoth, Skyforger, Månegarm, Vreid, and more) St. Paul, USA
6 Jan 2007 AURORA BOREALIS 18+ Release (w/ Valour, Entropy of Earth, Norrath) Calgary, CAN
29 Sept 2006 MacEwan Metal Mayhem (w/ Operation Winter Mist, Red Tide, and more) Calgary, CAN
24 Jun 2006 Heidnischer Krieger Metal Fest Calgary, CAN
8 Apr 2006 w/ Augury, Unexpect Calgary, CAN
25 Feb 2006 Heidnischer Krieger Metal Fest Calgary, CAN